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Own a Franchise of Aliens Tattoo

With our ready-to-roll Franchise Business Model, Aliens are rapidly expanding! Here's your opportunity to become a part of the fastest growing chain of tattoo studios around the world

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Aliens have very simple and yet revolutionary mission, to grace the world with art and creativity.

Aliens Tattoo is one of the fastest growing chain of tattoo studios around the world. It was started in 2011 in India with a strong mission to provide top-of-the-class tattoo designs and tattoo service to tattoo enthusiasts and local clients. In less than 8 years, we extended our reach to a global scale catering international clientele, which now counts almost 60% of our clientele.


Aliens Tattoo School another venture of Aliens, an initiative to produce extraordinary, quality tattoo artists to serve this industry. Aliens Tattoo School is the platform for all the aspiring artists around the globe to pursue tattooing as a career by offering various courses in tattoo art.

Alien's revenue has grown more than 300% in the last three years, and it is growing day by day at an astronomical rate 

(reported in 2019)

With the growth of demand in this industry and being the provider of top-class designs and service, we have grown ten folds making us one of the top leading tattoo studios in India. Our monetary turn-over skyrocketed with it too.


We have been trendsetters when it comes to art; Aliens Tattoo strives hard to break the monotony of traditional art and aspire to bring more to it, we love to blend the art, technology and future trend to come up with immersive tattoo designs and its experience. We have been a tattoo house for many celebrities like Laurie Calvert (Hollywood actor), Virat Kohli (World Class Indian Cricketer), Ishan Kishan (Mumbai Indians Cricketer) Amar Singh and many more.

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Why invest in the Tattoo business/Industry?

The tattoo industry is no more a niche market. It has silently grown quite big across the globe. This is the perfect time to get in this market. Never in history has been a better time than now to open a tattoo studio. Because there are few good tattoo studios compared to the demand, the wait time is enormous and the cost of getting a good tattoo from a good artist/studio is outrageously high.

470 Million+ Potential Customers

As per our studies through Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics, there are around Five Hundred Million people on earth interested in tattooing, mostly on their way to get a new tattoo.

100 Billion Rupees


A low-average hourly cost in India is 2000 to 3000, it is around $150 in the USA(10500 INR) and similar in Europe. Even considering the lower average of 2000 hourly rate, the potential tattoo industry is worth One Hundred Billion Indian rupees.

Enormous Demand of Good Tattoo Studios

As mentioned above, nearly 470 Million people are eventually looking to get a tattoo and the available good tattoo studios are handful across the globe. The current number of tattoo artists and studio are not able to fulfill the demand for tattoos. 

Return on Investment (ROI) is unbelievably high

The Tattoo business is booming across the globe giving a mind-boggling return on investment up to 32% which is way higher than most of the industry standards.


The Aliens Tattoo Franchise cost varies based on location and country. However, compared to the earning potential, investment is far too less.


The average set-up cost of a franchise in metro cities of India, like, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, etc may range from 75 Lacs onwards

We take care of the entire franchise setup from scratch for you. It is a ready-to-roll business model, you just have to run it efficiently and keep scaling :)

Aniticipated ROI


Power support

Our tattoo franchise business model is simple and easy, anyone can run this business without any specialised skills. You don't have to be a tattoo artist (if you are then its an advantage) or skilled artist to run this business, however, you need to have some experience in running small scale business (like a retail shop) where you know how to manage team and customers.

SEO, Web & Social Presence 

We will build a responsive web page on our main Aliens Tattoo website which receives approx 12000+ visitor monthly. This will be optimised to generate leads to your specific location. 

CRM (Customer Management Software)

We will provide a complete solution to customer management and customer retention. This includes CRM, email marketing, and SMS marketing systems.

Online Marketing 

We will set up a few campaigns for online marketing which will generate leads and bring more business to your studio.

Company Email (GSuite)

We will provide you with a personalised branded email to you for all the business communication. This email will be easily accessed through Gmail App.

Inventory Management Software

We will provide Inventory Management Software to keep track of all your inventory.

Artists Management

There will be never a shortage of skilful tattoo artists. We will manage to hire the perfect team of artists for your tattoo studio.

Find a Right Tattoo Studio Space

We will provide a complete solution to customer management and customer retention. This includes CRM, email marketing, and SMS marketing systems.

Low-Cost Interior Design 

Our Interior design team will help you design the entire studio at no extra cost, however, we have experienced contractor who can build the studio for you at affordable price.

Ready-to-Roll business model

It is a ready-to-roll business model, wherein, we have taken care of everything needed to run your franchise successfully.

Established Customer Base

Aliens Tattoo has a nation-wide customer base of 20,000+ who got a tattoo or piercing from us, this database is accessible through our CRM system.

Incredible Social Presence

Aliens Tattoo has 3,00,000+ followers on the various social platforms, mainly on Google, Instagram and Facebook. We have a very high engagement rate.

Brand Creditability 

Aliens Tattoo has established a very strong positive image in the industry through constant top-of-the-line service and quality. 

Become a part of the fastest growing chain of tattoo studios

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