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Sophistication in Style

The Canvas of Style

In a world where uniqueness is the greatest treasure, Aliens Tattoo and The Souled Store believe everyone is akin to a rare gem, sparkling with their own distinctive light, worthy of something that not only captivates their heart but also serves as a canvas for self-expression. Just like a carefully selected outfit conveys a mood or a personality, a tattoo makes a statement that is beyond skin deep. It is fashion in its most permanent and personal form.

Fashion, like tattoos, are a choice – a choice to stand out or blend in, to speak quietly or shout boldly.

Event Flow

Aliens Tattoo and The Souled Store are pioneering a new frontier in self expression by joining forces to host thoughtfully curated events, blending the worlds of fashion and tattoo artistry. Together, they aim to foster a community of like-minded individuals who value art, creativity, and personal expression.


Tattoo workshop

Learn the basics of tattoo art using real equipment on artificial skin.

Flash tattoo.jpg

Flash tattoos

Bring your dream tattoo to life with on-the-spot flash tattoos.


Aliens Tattoo bear.webp


Tattoo workshop

Learn the basics of tattoo art using real equipment on artificial skin.

getting a tattoo at aliens tattoo BMW event

About Aliens

Aliens Tattoo stands as a premium network of elite tattoo studios throughout India, celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship in the art of tattooing. They hold a deep conviction that tattoos aren't just about aesthetic value; they are powerful manifestations of one's uniqueness and the silent stories eager to find their voice.


Whether you're drawn to the sophisticated allure of black and grey realism, the precise depiction of portrait tattoos, the mesmerising beauty of watercolor techniques, or any other style that speaks to your soul, Aliens Tattoo is poised to bring your visions to life.

About The Souled Store

The Souled Store has established itself as the ultimate online hub for uniquely exceptional products. They are known to create an immersive experience for shoppers, inviting them into a world where creativity knows no bounds and every item tells a story. Whether it's a piece of apparel, a gadget accessory, or a home good, each product comes with its unique charm and personality, reflecting the diverse interests and passions of their clientele.

This dedication to creativity and quality has cemented The Souled Store's reputation as a destination for those who live to express themselves boldly and brightly.

Event Showcase

You are invited!

Date: 17th Feb event, Time: 4pm to 7pm
Venue: MINI Bavaria Motors
Suyog Platinum Towers, Naylor Rd, next to Hotel Conrad & Oakwood Premiere, Sangamvadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

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