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Debraj Debnath

Portraits • Designing

Debraj Debnath is a tattoo artist who has a passion for learning new things and improving his skills. Before entering the tattoo industry, he was a student with no art background but had always been fascinated by art. In 2021, after getting his first tattoo, he became curious about the process and the equipment used, prompting him to research how he could learn more about tattooing. He eventually found Aliens, a company that helped him upgrade his skills and gain knowledge in the field, and he feels that the amount he paid for the experience was worth it.

More About Debraj

Since joining the industry, Debraj's journey has been interesting, and he has never grown bored or tired of doing tattoos. He finds joy in continuously learning and upgrading his skills, and he attributes his growth to the mentors who have helped him along the way. He has learned every technique they have taught him, and he appreciates their company, which he describes as awesome and fun-loving. Although he has not yet specialized in any particular tattoo style, Debraj loves doing realism tattoos and hopes to become a master in that area over time. Debraj has ambitious goals for the industry and his career within it. He wants to see the tattoo industry become a well-known and respected career option in India and hopes that parents will encourage their children to pursue it. As for himself, he wants to become a renowned and reputed tattoo artist worldwide.

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