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While you go all in for Holi, it's possible that you completely forget about your tattoo. Be it an old one which was done years ago or a fresh one, protecting it from certain harmful things should always be on your priority list. Your tattoo looks very beautiful in its initial stages, however, if you wish to keep the beauty intact you must not forget to take necessary precautions. Below stated are some best practices to protect your tattoo during the Holi fever. Following these measures will protect your tattoo from any kind of unexpected infections and fading blues.



Three Crucial Things To Remember

  • Make sure you apply some cream or body lotion on your tattoo before even thinking of getting out of the house during Holi. This will prevent direct exposure to colours.

  • Avoid playing with chemically made colours, opt for organic colours. Your skin might get infected or react adversely which is not good for your tattoo. If the skin reaction spreads throughout the body and affects your tattooed body part, there are high chances of colour loss and occurrence of white spots while healing. 

  •  If you are attending a pool party, make sure you apply sunblock to protect it from chlorine.​

About aliens stuff

Aliens Stuff is a homemade tattoo protection cream which acts as an overall protector and enhancer of your tattoo. This cream protects your tattoo by masking it superficially