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Aliens Tattoo

Artistry. Authentic.

Welcome to the world of Aliens Tattoo, where exceptional tattoo artistry thrives. As a leader in the premium tattoo industry, we understand the significance of crafting a unique design that embodies your individuality. Our tattoos are a reflection of your values, beliefs, and personal narrative, and we are committed to making every aspect of your tattoo journey an extraordinary one.

At our studio in Chandigarh, you can immerse yourself in a world of sophistication and creativity, where our award-winning artists bring your ideas to life with their outstanding skills and imagination. Our artists are meticulously selected for their mastery of the art and are dedicated to elevating the tattoo experience to unprecedented levels. It's why so many celebrities choose Aliens Tattoo for their tattoos.

Visit our Chandigarh studio and discover the true meaning of exceptional tattoo art. We promise you a truly unforgettable experience, one that sets a new standard.

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The Artists.

We're the house of award-winning tattoo artists and concept artists to serve you with jaw-dropping tattoos. Our work combines creativity and vision to create the most advanced styles, so your ideas come to life as the most vivid art. Whether you’re looking for something meaningful and personal or something bold and edgy, you can trust the experts at our studio. We specialize in creating striking, custom tattoo designs that are perfect for any individual, and our team of talented artists is committed to providing exemplary customer service. Our process is collaborative and ensures that your tattoo tells the story you want it to tell. 

Where Celebrities get Inked.

Aliens Tattoo strives to provide highly creative artists, with an excellent studio environment, and an immersive experience at an affordable price. We attempt to provide the lowest price possible by calculating the tattoo cost in both ways.