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Hi! My name is

Tanmay Bankar

I bring faces to life with every stroke, capturing stories in ink that last a lifetime.

My tattoo portfolio

About me

My artistic journey began when I was in 7th grade and saw how talented my friend was at drawing. It sparked my love for art. As I got better at it, I became more interested in tattoos. Now, with 1.5 years of experience, I specialize in realism tattoos. Each new client is a chance for me to challenge myself and grow as an artist.
My dad's unwavering support encouraged me to choose tattooing as my career. I saw it as the perfect way to combine my love for art with my professional goals. Moving from college to the tattoo industry, I'm driven by my dedication to my craft and my passion for what I do. I'm determined to make my mark and leave a lasting impression in the world of tattoo artistry.


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