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Hi! My name is

Suneeth J

With my passion for creating art, I bring portraits to life, capturing every detail with precision in ink!

My tattoo portfolio

About me

My interest in tattooing started with my love for art and its power to tell lifelong stories in unique ways. In 2020, I began my journey at Aliens Art School, and now I have two and a half years of experience as a tattoo artist.
I specialize in line art, realism, minimalism, and geometric tattoos. At first, it was challenging to switch from drawing on paper to using tattoo machines. One of my most memorable projects was a belly tattoo that really tested my abilities and pushed me beyond my limits.
My style focuses on creating unique designs that reflect my clients' memories and desires, always prioritizing their satisfaction and comfort. After seven years in corporate jobs, I turned to tattooing to follow my true passion and use my skills in this special art form.


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