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Hi! My name is

Savan Andariya

I capture souls with ink, giving life to emotions in every line.

My tattoo portfolio

About me

My name is Savan Andariya, and my journey into the tattoo industry stems from a lifelong love for art that began in my childhood. From the age of 5, I immersed myself in drawing and exploring different forms of artistic expression until I discovered my passion for tattooing.
In 2017, I officially started my career as a tattoo artist, bringing with me eight years of experience in the field. Although I haven't received any specific awards, my specialty lies in realism, which distinguishes my tattooing style.
Each client I work with holds a special significance to me, akin to that of a deity, reflecting the deep respect and trust they place in me. At 26, I transitioned to tattooing from a non-traditional career path, recognizing the exciting opportunities within the tattoo artistry field.
Fueled by a combination of creativity, personal expression, and technical skill inherent in tattooing, I fully embrace my role as an artist dedicated to creating meaningful and impactful body art.


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