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Hi! My name is

Raj Gohel

I find my passion in inking abstract patterns, where each design represents my love for creating art on skin.

My tattoo portfolio

About me

My journey into the tattoo world started with a love for drawing that began in my childhood. It wasn't until I got my own tattoo that I felt a strong drive to become a professional tattoo artist. For the past 8 years, I've been dedicated to improving my skills, focusing on line art, realism, and semi-realism tattoos.
One of my proudest moments was when I got to display a full-back tattoo at the Nepal Tattoo Convention in 2023, and it earned recognition. With guidance from mentors at Aliens Tattoo School, I've kept evolving and refining my style, making it unique in the industry.
For me, each client is more than just a canvas – they're individuals who trust me with their bodies, allowing me to create art that's deeply personal. Inspired by the great Mr. Sunny Bhanushali, I chose tattooing as a career to keep growing as an artist, enhancing my creativity and technical skills while sharing my passion with others.
My portfolio demonstrates my talent for crafting intricate designs that capture attention and convey deep symbolism. With a reputation for attention to detail and dedication to creating unique pieces, I'm known for tattoos that make a lasting impression.
My commitment to artistic excellence and ability to bring clients' visions to life have made me a sought-after tattoo artist in Ahmedabad and beyond.


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