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Hi! My name is

Manan Mishra

I intertwine patterns that reflect balance and beauty, creating tattoos that whisper expressions.

My tattoo portfolio

About me

I'm Manan Mishra, and my adventure as a tattoo artist began with a deep-rooted love for art. It all started with simple doodles of name tattoos for friends, using nothing more than markers. But over the past seven years, I've committed myself to mastering the intricate craft of tattooing.
What makes my style stand out is the careful attention to detail evident in every single tattoo I create. Among my most cherished works is the Anchor with Family Script, a symbol of my personal journey and unwavering dedication to my art.
For me, it's all about my clients. Their satisfaction is my top priority, and I strive to make each tattoo session an unforgettable experience. Drawing inspiration from the incredible talent of artist Allan F Gois, I'm constantly pushing the boundaries of my creativity to achieve perfection.
Since my first step into a tattoo studio during my high school years, my passion for tattooing has only intensified. With every tattoo I ink, my goal is to make a lasting impact not only on their skin but also on their lives.
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