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Hi! My name is

Bhargav Eppilli

I find my passion in inking simple moments with every drop of ink!

My tattoo portfolio

About me

I found my love for tattoos after finishing college. I became interested after getting my first tattoo after high school. Even though I didn't know much about art, I decided to learn at Aliens Tattoo School. With their help, I got really good at making tattoos that look like real animals. I worked hard and got recognized as one of the top five students in that category at the school.
I even won an award for making the best sketch-style tattoo at an Aliens convention. My goal is to become a professional tattoo artist, and I hope to be one of the top artists in the next five years. I'm proud to be part of the team at the studio, and I'm excited to keep getting better at making tattoos.


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