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Hi! My name is

Aman Jaiswal

I ink tattoos that capture the essence of individuals, each stroke revealing the soul behind the eyes!

My tattoo portfolio

About me

I'm Aman Jaiswal, a passionate tattoo artist whose journey began with a love for tattoos that sparked a fire in me. I wasn't satisfied with my freelancing work, so I decided to further my education at Aliens Tattoo School.
I specialize in black and grey realism, line art, and animal texture tattoos, and I've spent countless hours perfecting various techniques. People recognize me for my detailed designs, and I have a loyal clientele who appreciate my attention to detail.
Besides tattooing, I share my knowledge as a YouTuber, hoping to inspire aspiring artists and become a leader in the industry. I'm committed to getting better every day, and I aim to make a lasting impact on the tattoo industry while building a huge following on my channel.
My journey is all about dedication, skill, and never giving up on my pursuit of success, ensuring that I leave my mark on the art of tattooing.


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