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Bhanu Pratap

One of the best tattoo artist in Aliens

Things were not easy for Bhanu Pratap, who had to join medical school due to pressure from his family. However, he dropped out after a year due to his lack of interest and thus had a depressing time worrying about his future. After stumbling upon Aliens Tattoo School, Bhanu knew this was his calling and with the support of his mother, he enrolled. Getting into the Tattoo industry was a dream come true for him and he made it count. He joined Aliens Tattoo as a pro and started doing small tattoos before eventually moving on to bigger ones. Bhanu’s skills and charms earned him positive reviews from his clients and with the right guidance, he grew into a leading artist. In time, his efforts reaped rewards and most notably, he won the award for Best Calligraphy Tattoo and Best Portrait Tattoo at the Bhopal Tattoo Convention in 2019.

Awards & Recognition

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