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Anvesh Gajengi

Portraits • Designing

Just like most of our Tattoo Makers, Anvesh always had an inclination towards everything revolving around the field of art. From different skin tones to the sensitivity of each individual’s skin, Anvesh knew how to get the best output through his education at Aliens Tattoo Art School. He gained experience by working at a studio in Delhi and received recognition for his work with awards at Delhi’s Heartwork Festival. To build his reputation, he came back to Mumbai and got in touch with Aliens Tattoo who were happy to hire him. A month with Aliens was enough for him to showcase his talents and this earned him a chance to work as a guest artist at their franchise in Visakhapatnam. Even to this day, Anvesh fondly looks back at his decision to join Aliens Tattoo School and believes it was a life-changing one for him.

Awards & Recognition

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Total Tattoo Magazine

U.K 2020

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