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Trishul with Geometry Tattoo

Trishul with Geometry Tattoo
20 Aug 2016





Trishul with Geometry Tattoo by Manohar Koli at Aliens Tattoo India. Maddy time and again keeps bewitching people with his ever developing tattooing skills. Client came with a brief of what he wanted but he left the entire creative manipulation and composition with our ingenious illustrator Sameer. Sameer worked couple of days on the design which later on turned out to be Jim-dandy.

The frenzy Trishul with Shiva's third eye is the prime quanta of the artwork undoubtedly. The geometric triangle amid the dense tree below is a representation for the client's mother and above it the Himalayas within the triangle denotes the client's father standing strong as a pillar throughout his life. The crescent moon in between is there to expulse negative energy and unwanted entity's from the client's surrounding. At the root of the design are the initials of the client's family clan entwined in each other. The dotwork just adds more glitter to the already starry tattoo. Client thoroughly allured the whole tattoo. Share it if you like it :)

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