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Travellers Tattoo - Cover up

Travellers Tattoo - Cover up
23 Jan 2018





Travellers Tattoo, Cover up by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. A cover up miracle again!!

As you all know cover ups are best done at Aliens. One can hardly tell if there was something behind the tattoos that are covered up. Well, it’s tricky!! And that’s what we’re best at, making it happen. But here, the story is really different. As you can see the older tattoo isn’t completely hidden and has been worked upon to make it look like a part of the new tattoo, just so you know its something that’s done on purpose. The script happened to be the client’s wife’s and child’s name which he would want to keep enhancing as much as possible.

For this new piece, he wished to get a set of elements that indicated his passion, his lifestyle. He travelled worldwide as a music director and thus, compass, traces of the maps, globe, all indicate his passion. Our team, worked their best to give him a remarkable traveller’s theme along with a little enhancement of the script to make it look nice and complete.

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