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Travellers Eye Tattoo

Travellers Eye Tattoo
20 Dec 2017





Traveller's Eye tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. A traveler’s best moments are when he stumbles upon something in pursuit of something else. Traveling is not about escaping, its fulfilment. It’s not about reaching the most famous destination but feeling content during the journey itself and that is exactly what this tattoo theme is based on. This explicit EYE portrays the vision of this wanderer whose love for Asia brought him here.

This Client of ours had come all the way from Sweden and was pretty open about the elements to be added to make it a perfect traveler’s theme and we all know what our master does when he has the freedom to work his creativity out.

P.S - This is just one bit of it. Stay tuned to check out the complete piece by Sunny Bhanushali.

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