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St. Peters Basilica Church Tattoo

St. Peters Basilica Church Tattoo
16 May 2016





Lion and St. Peters Basilica Church Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo Mumbai. This is a 3rd session on this full sleeve tattoo I have been working on from last 2 months. The artwork used is photo-manipulation / Digital art done by me based on my clients requirement. My client was baptised at this St. Peter's Basilica Church and so the lion with the background of church.

I spent lot of time designing this concept as it was not easy to combine lighting and perspective with the available/given images. Most of this design is digitally painted. This Tattoo is still in progress as clouds and lightening has to be added at the top covering the whole shoulder. I assume 3 more sessions to finish this full sleeve tattoo. I am sure you loved this one, share it :)

TAGS : church tattoo, lion tattoo, christianity tattoo, baptise tattoo, religious full sleeve tattoo, sculpture lion tattoo, architectural tattoo, monument tattoo

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