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Roman Sculpture Tattoo

Roman Sculpture Tattoo
18 Apr 2017





Roman Sculpture Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. Client paid enormous amount to get his design sketched from some artist from USA. He got the design, however he was not satisfied with it. Client travelled all the way from Dubai to get this tattoo from us. We were almost ready to start off when Sunny thought of changing the design, making it better than what he got with him.

In less than 12 hours Sameer and Sunny came up with this design which followed the similar flow what client originally came with, and he(client) was super-happy with it.

Client wants to fill the entire arm, full sleeve, with Roman mythological characters and Warriors. This was the first session, rigorous 12 hours of work and still sunny is not done yet, He wants to push one more pass to it to make it even more AWESOME. Share it if you like it.

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