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Protector of Buddha Tattoo

Protector of Buddha Tattoo
20 Jul 2016





Protector of Buddha Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. This client of ours has blind faith on the work flow and creativity of Sunny. And time again he has proved it. This time he opted for a Black and Gray and gave the artist the liberty to flux out his ingenious vision in the form of art. This is a sculpture of one of the Buddhist protectors also known as the most enlightened beings who took wrathful forms to lead sentient beings to enlightenment. As Lord Buddha is a denotation of peace and meditation, so ultimately the protectors uphold the purity of soul. Although the tattoo is incomplete, the deity has its independent existence and radiance.

The tattoo took whopping 9 hours to achieve its zenith. Sunny has barely left any infinitesimal speck to accord full justice to the statuesque and elegant art work. Another session will be required to complete this masterwork so stay tuned. Share it if you like it :)

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