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Photo realistic Portrait Tattoo [WORKSHOP]

Photo realistic Portrait Tattoo [WORKSHOP]
20 Sept 2014





Photo realistic Portrait Tattoo [WORKSHOP] by Sunny Bhanushali from Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai. This portrait tattoo was done at "Advanced Techniques Of Portrait Tattoo Workshop" conducted by Sunny Bhanushali at Moksha Tattoo, Goa. It was pleasure to conduct this workshop and help our young enthusiastic tattoo artist to improvise their skills. We got a tremendous positive response from every artist who attended this workshop. We specially thank Mukesh Waghela from Moksha Tattoo, Goa, to be a part of this workshop and helping everyone with his experience and tattoo techniques. We were greatly honoured by the people of Goa and we are really grateful for this. Take a look at this photo-realistic portrait as its gonna blow your mind.

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