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Peaceful Shiva Tattoo

Peaceful Shiva Tattoo
8 Aug 2016





Peaceful Shiva Tattoo by Manohar Koli at Aliens Tattoo India. Another one counted up in the Shiva Tattoo cluster. But this one is supremely pulled off by Maddy. Client was astonished by our Shiva Tattoo library and hence decided to get the tattoo done from us. Sunny Bhanushali worked on the design, thereupon illuminating it with the Alien-ish aura.

The captivating Mrityunjaya Mantra intensify the presence of Lord Shiva and the dotwork in the cast of the Mandala just adds a cherry on the top. As they say brilliant work takes time, holds true for this one which took 14-15 hours of the precious dimension. Share it if you like it :)

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