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Palm Prints with Sacred Geometry Tattoo

Palm Prints with Sacred Geometry Tattoo
23 Nov 2016





Palm Prints with Sacred Geometry Tattoo by Allan Gois at Aliens Tattoo India. A little one's footsteps are a bundle of joy to the family and of course a remarkable and distinguished day to rejoice about. So this father levelled it up and decided to tattoo his boy's hand and footprint with his birth date. However client had seen many similar tattoos on internet and wanted something unique and different. Working on something creative is always been the motivation factor for us. Sunny sat on this and added a tinch of his magic to it. The geometry in this design is derived from metatron cubes and matter creating geometry(sacred geometry) which depicts birth of life through creative process on nature. Client was verklempt by the result and couldn't have expected better. Share it if you like it. :)

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