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Odin Horn Tattoo (Triple Horn)

Odin Horn Tattoo (Triple Horn)
8 Feb 2012





Odin Horn Tattoo (Triple Horn), Designed and Inked by Sunny at Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai. Client gave the reference of the tattoo and then I thought of making it more realistic and authentic as per the story behind this symbol. So I had to do freehand work on this because of the time constrains. This is one more freehand tattoo work by me to add to my freehand tattoos library. Hope you all liked the tattoo.

What Odin Horn Tattoo (Triple Horn) signifies - This represents knowledge and skill. It was also displayed as a sign of commitment and oaths and merry times. The Triple Horn of Odin is made of three interlocking drinking horns, and represents Odin, the father of Norse gods. The three horns reflect the three draughts of the magical mead.

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