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Narasimha Tattoo

Narasimha Tattoo
20 Aug 2012





Narasimha Tattoo, Inked by Sunny at Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai. Client came from Hyderabad just to get this tattoo done from us. He got this design sketch by some artist from Hyderabad with the reference of Google search. Worked on this tattoo for more than 5 hours and here is the output, hope you all liked this tattoo.

About : Narasimha (Sanskrit: ??????, Narasi?ha) or Nrusimha (??????, N?si?ha), also spelled as Narasingh, Narsingh and Narasingha, whose name literally translates from Sanskrit as "Man-lion", is an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu and one of Hinduism's most popular deities, as evidenced in early epics, iconography, and temple and festival worship for over a millennium. Narasimha is often visualized as half-man/half-lion, having a human-like torso and lower body, with a lion-like face and claws. This image is widely worshipped in deity form by a significant number of Vaishnava groups. He is known primarily as the 'Great Protector' who specifically defends and protects his devotees in times of need.

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