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Medieval Warrior Tattoo

Medieval Warrior Tattoo
25 Mar 2016





Medieval Warrior Tattoo, concept, design and tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo Mumbai. Client wanted to get his fathers portrait as a tattoo. He had this simple yet amazing idea of making his fathers portrait as a medieval/indian-mughal warriors portrait. Client did lot of research before he found me to the right artist to execute this tattoo idea. Client also approached many tattoo artist however he was put down as nobody could execute it. He had his fathers profile photograph which he gave me for referencing. I started working on his project, did a digital painting over the given reference image. I spent almost a month to finish this digital painting. Client loved the way it turned out to be. This is so far the best project I have worked on. I have added the workflow of this artwork, you will be amazed to see it. This one deserves a share so share it as much as you can :)


I have created a simple GIF animation just to show you all how the whole process went through. The whole process of digital painting took approx. a month and tattoo took about 12 hours. Check this out, its awesome.

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