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Mandala Mantra Chest Tattoo

Mandala Mantra Chest Tattoo
14 Mar 2017





Mandala Mantra Chest Tattoo, collaboration tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali and Allan Gois at Aliens Tattoo India. Allan worked on the Buddha tattoo almost 6 months ago and as always he did a marvellous job. The client wanted to extend his tattoo towards chest and shoulder. Sunny worked out his magic with trash style Mrityunjaya mantra and Mandala for his extension. This complete tattoo took 3 sessions to finish. Most of the shoulder and chest tattoo is freehand work.

The design flows beautifully with the anatomy of the body. The Mandala on the shoulder-chest joint lays perfectly radial and connects perfectly, hiding the immense struggle and techniques went into it. The inversely tattooed Mrityunjaya Mantra exalts the balance of the whole tattoo. Share it if you like it.

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