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Lord Shiva Parvati Tattoo

Lord Shiva Parvati Tattoo
20 Jan 2018





The contrasting avatars of Lord Shiva - a Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India.

Shiva, an entity that has been never understood completely by anyone and will never be understood. The union of Shiv and Sati is even powerful and their love defined divine energy, an energy that can make anything and everything possible in the world. They defined the power of love and being one and there has been no power greater than that ever. This tattoo typically attempts to tell a story about that love, but it wouldn’t be complete if there’s nothing more to it. Our client too wanted some contrasting emotions to be displayed and Sameer worked this illustration out and our Master, Sunny Bhanushali gave a form to this mesmerising concept.

Don’t move your eyes until you take in all that’s happening in this one single piece. Share it if you like it

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