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Lord Shiva-Kali Tattoo

Lord Shiva-Kali Tattoo
14 Aug 2017





Lord Shiva-Kali Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens tattoo India. This is RAD work by Sunny again. Client from Sweden, follower of Shivaism(shaivism) wished to get a Lord Shiva and Goddess Kali Tattoo on his forearm as a souvenir. He was so inspired by Sunny's work on Hindu religious tattoos that he decided no tattoo artist would do this work but Sunny.

However, behind this beautiful design lies the hidden artistry of our young illustrator Sameer. Sameer took almost a week to come up with this amazing tattoo design. This design is a well planned illustration, the metamorphosis from state of calmness of Lord Shiva to divine rage of Goddess Kali is just flawless. The red drifting strokes beautifully usurp this fusion of states. Its is sheer pleasure to keep looking at this tattoo isn't it? Share it as it is awesome.

Sameer has used few references to build this design, Lord Shiva is the statue of Adi Yogi located at Booluvampatti, India and the Goddess kali is the album art for the Dan Simmons song of Kali. We are immensely gratified to share these amazing art and their artists behind it.

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