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Lord Brahma Tattoo

Lord Brahma Tattoo
25 Mar 2017





Lord Brahma Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. Sunny's work/tattoos on Hindu Mythology has been appreciated by many from all around the world. His work on Lord Shiva and Lord Arjuna tattoos has aroused the new demand for tattoos of Hindu religious Gods and Deities in the global tattoo market. This time he is, yet again, with this amazing piece of art of Lord Brahma which will leave you speechless, point blank.

Client wished to get a tattoo of Lord Brahma on his inner arm from Sunny. He was open on concept, anything but unique and creative was his given design brief. He travelled all the way from Dubai just for this tattoo. Our magic wand (Illustrator), Sameer Qureshi, took 7 days just to come up with this artwork which could put Sunny to test. This artwork is not just basic realistic or lineart artwork. It was made up of lines and only lines, no shading. All the dept is created with just various line weights. It was quite a challenge for Sunny to execute it.

Sunny with unaltered 10 hours of focus finished this tattoo in one session. The outcome is splendid, marvellous, beautiful!!! Share it if you like it.

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