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Lord Brahma Arjuna Tattoo

Lord Brahma Arjuna Tattoo
27 Apr 2017





Lord Brahma Arjuna Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. Client travelled all the way from Nepal just to get this tattoo from us. He loved Sunny's work on Hindu Mythology, specially tattoos based on Brahma and Arjuna. He was looking for full sleeve tattoo based on Brahma and Arjuna as he strongly believes the fact that the Bow (Gandiva) played a crucial role in making Lord Arjuna a heroic warrior. Arjuna won many battles single handedly with the use of the celestial powered Bow created by Lord Brahma. And so blessings of Brahma has played important role in Lord Arjuna's life.

Sunny created this design/digital art in no time using one of the most amazing work of Lord Brahma by Molee art, Check out Molee Arts Work here, its crazy.

This tattoo took around 14 hours to finish. This is just the first session of the full sleeve, so stay tuned for more!!!! till then share it if you like it.

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