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Lord Arjuna Tattoo

Lord Arjuna Tattoo
11 Aug 2016





Lord Arjuna tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. Someone said, "The greatness of art is not to find what is common but what is unique" and this unparalleled artwork is the witness. Client flew down from Canada exclusively to get this tattoo done from Sunny as he had faith in his expertise. He wanted the archery almighty, Arjuna to be the ruler of his arm piece and of course the magic of Sunny's alchemy.

Sunny very well understood his fancy and flourished this beautiful concept. The bottom of the art piece comprises of circles which is the initiation of focus and within it the spear transmits its energy to Arjuna's head. On either side of the circle rest the web of Meta-tron Cubes which is the 'Map of Creation' for the mystics. Lord Arjuna is the prime master in the middle meditating the quanta coming from the spear in his vision of commanding the front through his archery skills which you can see on top of the phenomenal artwork. In the background the dominating flags signify his victory.

The inking was divided in two sessions each comprising of 9-10 hours which sum up to 20 hours of work. In the 1st session the geometry was knocked off and the rest in the other. Client was overjoyed by the authenticity of the ultimate tattoo. Share it if you like it :)

The warrior Arjuna artwork above the head is been referenced from one of the famous characters by Vimanika Comics. Special thanks to Karan Vir, owner and visionary of Vimanika Comics, for letting us use this amazing artwork. Vimanika is globally known for breathtaking graphical comics based on Hindu Mythology. Visit to check it out.

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