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Human Life | Buddha Tattoo

Human Life | Buddha Tattoo
3 May 2016





Human Life, Buddha Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. Client was not very sure about the design, he had a concept in mind though. Initially he wanted couple of human faces with some mandala or circular design for elbow. He was travelling to mumbai specially to get this tattoo from me as he is a tattoo collector and wishes to have tattoos from best indian tattoo artists.

He showed enough trust in my art skills which allowed me to work on this concept freely. I extended his concept to make it more meaningful. Life starts with a state of buddha (infant), later it experiences different stages of materialistic and spiritual life, becomes more human with materialistic goals to realise pain and suffering and happiness. Emptiness leads to final stage of life (enlightenment) where it goes again in the state of buddha. This tattoo is a representation of the said fable where all the elements depicts the human life cycle

I have spent around 18 hours divided into 2 days to finish this amazing tattoo of Buddha. I am grateful to my client as he sat like a rock throughout these sessions. I am looking forward to continue this tattoo sleeve and make this fable more interesting. Share it if you like it

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