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Halftone Dotwork Buddha Tattoo

Halftone Dotwork Buddha Tattoo
4 Feb 2017





Halftone Dotwork Buddha Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. Client thought of getting a buddha tattoo while he was getting the Maori tattoo on his other arm. He had no plans for it though, he just loved our work and thought of it. He gave us the freedom to experiment with something new and unique, however he did want dot work and geometry.

Sunny went crazy with his digital tools again to create this amazing masterpiece. He worked on something he never tried before. With an intuitively asymmetrical flow of the design he added half-toned symmetrical Buddha face right at the centre of the design making it bewilderingly beautiful. He captured the whole process of designing it, check out the following video to see how this amazing design came to life. Share this post as its awesome.


This is a time-lapse video, Sunny has spent around 4 hours to come up with this design. Please check it out in Full-Screen mode, you will love the way it is done.

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