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Geometrical Wolf Tattoo

Geometrical Wolf Tattoo
24 Jun 2016





Geometrical Wolf tattoo done by Allan Gois at Aliens Tattoo India. Client got the design and wanted to get the same. However, we always like to be creative and wish that our clients get the best one. So we suggested a few changes to enhance the overall look of the tattoo. Be it the dot work, line art or the texture involved in this tattoo - Allan did a great job and the output was truly a gem. Our artists are consistently taking long strides and coming up with great concepts and giving justice to each concept.

Wolves are known to be great leaders. They also represent high intelligence, loyalty and a strong connection with your instincts. So most of the youth opts for such tattoo designs. But this one is a bit different as it appears to be simple yet beautiful because of its geometry and the elements like the moon and mountain, making it deeper in meaning. The client was very happy with the tattoo. Share it if you like it. :)

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