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Fury of Lord Shiva Tattoo

Fury of Lord Shiva Tattoo
8 Feb 2017





Fury of Lord Shiva Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. Client travelled all the way from Delhi to get this tattoo from Sunny. He liked Sunny's work on 'Rage of Lord Shiva' and was keen on getting the same tattoo with little changes in Mantra.

Sunny, as usual, with his magical mind and digital tools went on to create this Lord shiva design. In less than 6 hours he was ready with this awe-struck anatomy of lord shiva beautifully fusion with mountains and Mantra. The flow and the style of this design is very similar to his old creation of 'Rage of Lord Shiva Tattoo'. Check it out, it is super-awesome, Share it if you like it.

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