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Exuberance of Lord Shiva Tattoo

Exuberance of Lord Shiva Tattoo
6 Jun 2017





Exuberance of Lord Shiva Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. Yet another master piece by Sunny. Take a look at the details in this tattoo of Lord Shiva, breath-taking realism work in Adi Yogi's portrait. Such an exhibition of pure ardour and love for what he does, isn't it?

His mad style of double exposure, high contrast, super detailed tattoos is becoming his signature style, isn't it? This design is an unbelievable fusion of ecstatic elements of Lord Shiva, the universe, planets, Shiva on his plinth watching over the flow of multiverse, the mammoth snake luring at his prey, raging humongous clouds circumventing the space-time portals, all of this inside the higher state of adi-yogi. Crazy composition you must have ever seen. Client went bonkers looking at the final output. It was a long 14 hours session, however worth every second of it.

Client travelled all the way from Jharkand to get this tattoo from us. He liked Sunny's past work on Lord Shiva theme and he was keen on getting 'Mortal Journey Of Lord Shiva Tattoo' on his upper arm. We try our best to create new designs for every customer, thats an Aliens Policy. So Sunny worked on a new design based on client's likings and in no time he came up with this completely new design. Share it because it is awesome!!!

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