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Elephant Tattoo Video

Elephant Tattoo Video
1 Jul 2012





Elephant Tattoo Video, Inked by Sunny at Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai. This time I have worked on something new and challenging, hyper photo realism tattoo. Client wanted to get the jungle themed full sleeve tattoo on his arm and we started with this peaceful elephant. We are gonna have couple of animals and abstract florals and trees to finish this peice. We are also video recording all the sessions and this is the first one, Hope you all liked it.
[alert style="green"]This video is created by Aliens Tattoo. Sound track used in this video is created by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai. Images and other visual elements used in this video are sole property of Aliens Tattoo.
Copyrights 2012 | Aliens Tattoo[/alert]

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