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Dotwork Geometrical Shiva Tattoo

Dotwork Geometrical Shiva Tattoo
15 Sept 2016





Dotwork Geometrical Shiva Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. This is a remarkable black and grey art work done by Sunny. Client wanted the Shiva Tattoo with dotwork that we had previously done in Pune but Sunny created a brand new concept for him in mere 2 hours for which our Australian client nodded without a blink. Lord Shiva is meditating inside the full moon with the natural habitat in the background graced by dotwork on the top. Around it the chain of 'Om' gives it a Mandala touch. The lower half of Shiva rest on the lion statue surrounded by geometry and dotwork which flourishes elegance over the artwork. The two sided 'Om' leaves the viewer in two opinions, either the darker or the brighter vision of any situation. The Aussie client was glad that he chose to do this artwork from Sunny. Share it if you like it :)

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