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David and Goliath (Skull) Tattoo

David and Goliath (Skull) Tattoo
11 Jun 2017





David and Goliath (Skull) Tattoo by Allan Gois at Aliens Tattoo India. Client wished to get a tattoo which represents good and evil, something which represents there is a balance of both, however you have the power to support one of those to win the battle. His philosophy on this topic goes really deep. After some research and doodling, client liked one of the designs he found online and decided to do it on his forearm.

We re-skecthed the artwork to make it better and proportional. Allan did an incredible, precise dotwork throughout this tattoo. Dotwork is becoming his style. It took around 8 hours to finish this tattoo and the final outcome is eye pleasing. Share it if you like it :)

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