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Cover Up Tattoo - Un-Riddle Life

Cover Up Tattoo - Un-Riddle Life
4 Jun 2017





Cover up tattoo, un-riddle life, by Allan Gois at Aliens Tattoo India. Client had a very old tattoo on his forearm which he wished to cover up with a new tattoo. He consulted us for a cover up design, however he was very specific about the element he wanted to be a part of cover up design. Maze, seed, tree, roots, three faces made up of leaves and branches were the required elements.

Trust me, it was not an easy job to combine all of these element in a cover-up tattoo design. Sameer struck right in, worked his magic and in no time he came up with this concept. This is a showcase of incredible talent, a perfect, well balanced design, capturing every single element client requested for, flowing as one clean design.

Allan, known for his stable, precise linework, beautifully executed this tattoo in less than 5 hours. Client was very happy with the output and left a beautiful 5-star review. One more happy customer in the bucket. Share it if you like it.

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