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Cover Up Abstract Tattoo

Cover Up Abstract Tattoo
13 Nov 2013





Cover Up Abstract Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai. Client is on vacation tour, he is travelling everywhere, he is on world tour. Client is gonna get tattoos all over his body from every country he visits. He got a Script tattoo on his ribs as a remembrance, from us, however he had this old tattoo on his nape, he got it in Russia couple of years ago. He requested me to work on it and make it short and simple tattoo. As he had less time I worked freehand on it. I also added some colours on his tattoo to make it better. Hope you all liked this one.

About Cover Up Tattoo: A tattoo cover-up is one of two options for dealing with an unwanted tattoo, the other being removal. Covering up an unwanted tattoo is the cheaper option. Cover-ups may completely hide the old tattoo with a new design, or may incorporate elements or the whole of the existing tattoo more

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