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Colourful Birds Tattoo

Colourful Birds Tattoo
24 Jan 2014





Colourful Birds Tattoo(freedom tattoo) by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo, Mumbai. Client got this tattoo design from google search and wanted the exact style and colours in her tattoo. As we always do give credit to original artist, we search for the origin of this design and found to be on one of the website called tattoo This tattoo design is one of the designs created by Yanina Viland. This design consist two exotic birds which creatively converted into abstract trash style tattoo design which is unique and quite amazing. These birds depicts freedom for my client. She also sees herself as those birds, free, flying, colourful, happy, live, cute. The way this tattoo turned out to be is awesome, I am sure you will love this tattoo. Here is the output.

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