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Abstract Warrior Script Tattoo

Abstract Warrior Script Tattoo
19 Jan 2014





Abstract Warrior Script Tattoo, Concept, Design and Inked by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens tattoo, Mumbai. Client wanted to write his daughters name as a tattoo in his rib area. However he was looking for some conceptual tattoo design and not just the script. Based on his design taste I started sketching couple of options. One of the option was with a realistic warrior helmet and some glorious flowers with flowing water wave where a helmet depicts a protector/warrior, flowers depicts love and care for his daughter and water depicts calmness and peace. He loved this design and finalised on this one, however I was not too sure about the water in this piece so I re-sketched the same concept without water and in abstract form, no realism. Client was surprised with this new option and went for the design. Here is the output, Hope you all liked it.

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