Lord Shiva-Buddha Tattoo

Lord Shiva-Buddha Tattoo
30 Mar 2017





Lord Shiva-Buddha Tattoo by Allan Gois at Aliens Tattoos India. Yet another Lord Shiva themed tattoo in our bucket. This is marvellous work by Allan, alas he is an Alien :). Client wished to have Half faced Lord Shiva/Lord Buddha tattoo on his arm. He had some references from google, however, we decided to come up with a completely new tattoo design based on the same concept. Sameer worked his magic again with the designing and created this beautiful piece of digital art.

Client was awe-struck by looking at the artwork, and awe-struck again by looking at the final outcome of his tattoo, Twice!!!. Check it out for yourself, Allan did an amazing job on this. Share it if you like it.