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Abhishek Panchal

Portraits • Designing

Abhishek Panchal was born with a golden brush. He has been a natural in art and drawing since his childhood. He began his career as a self-taught artist in 2015 after getting inspired by watching his friend learn the art of tattoo making. This is when his journey began. 

More About Abhishek Panchal

Abhishek joined Aliens Tattoo Art School and it was not just his tattoo-making skills that improved, he learnt about designing, hygiene and the advance tattooing process, something which was lacking in him for years. Specializing in Black and Grey tattoos, Abhishek loves doing Line Art, Dot Work, Geometric, and Spiritual Tattoos. Abhishek plans on taking his art skills to the next level where he can explore his art and deliver world-class tattoos in order to make a name for himself in the tattoo industry. One day, he wants the world to recognize him for his unique style of tattooing. That day is not far.